How To Make Others Understand the Technical Aspects of SEO

When projecting your SEO strategic plan to your potential client or business director, its important that you understand the technical aspects of SEO and how you can explain what they mean to others who wouldn’t know much about it in the first place.

Not many individuals know exactly what search engine optimization is, so when you are presenting your plan to enhance their online web presence, you might as well be speaking to them in a different language.

Here are a few tips on how to get everyone on the same page when pitching your SEO plan:

  • Establish a common vocabulary to ensure that everyone on the team uses the same definitions and has the same or nearly similar understanding of SEO.
  • Explain Google and Google’s Algorithms and why it is important that you, as an SEO, are required to follow their guidelines to ensure your client will receive the best quality score on search engines.
  • Be able to back up your plan, and be confident in it! You are the expert here, all you have to do is explain to others what you are working on to enhance their organic searches online.

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