How To Make An FAQ Page For Your Website

Frequently Asked Question pages, also commonly referred to as FAQ pages, are a crucial component of having a well-rounded and comprehensive website. FAQ pages are critical as they provide every person who goes onto your website the opportunity to receive essential resources that they should know. By addressing your customers’ questions, you are creating a knowledge basis for their customer journey, providing everyone with concise and to-the-point answers, saving you both time and energy. To have a well-operated FAQ page, the web and digital marketing professionals at Boston Web Marketing have compiled our top tips to help you have a properly functioning page.


Why Do I Need An FAQ Page?

FAQ pages are needed on any site to provide proactive and necessary information and outreach to existing and potential customers. Clients and customers are always going to need help with something; an FAQ page is a great way to direct people in the right direction, helping them find the correct information at any point in time. In addition, you will be saving primarily on time when customers can get answers by themselves; they will not have to rely on customer service reps or management. 


What Should I Include On My FAQ Page?


Have The Proper Questions:

To have a high-functioning FAQ page, compile a list of comprehensive and most-asked questions. This includes questions you get asked repeatedly, as well as using analytic tools to see what people are searching for within your industry.

Answer The Questions Thoughtfully: 

Your answers to your FAQs should adequately answer the question by supporting both new and existing customers in a professional manner that people can understand.

Include Visuals:

A great way to make the page more visually appealing and pleasing is by adding videos, photos, and graphics that aid in answering questions. Doing so will break up the text. 

Include Calls To Action:

On your FAQ page, you will want to have multiple sources of ways for potential and existing clients to contact you. This task includes buttons, links, etc. These tools ensure you that if the customer cannot find the correct answer, there is an easy way for them to contact someone that has the answer.


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