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How to Maintain Your SEO When Moving to a New Site

It happens all the time, a company will decide they want a new website, and can sometimes be so focused on the new design or features that they forget to carry over all the important SEO elements on their site. Most of these components are quite easy to carry over to your new website, but failure to keep track of them can cause some issues with your SEO. When done right, your site may see a temporary dip in traffic when moving from one site to the next, but it will be short-lived if anything.

URL Slug Text & Structure

Making sure that every page has the exact same URL as its original is one of the most important parts of migrating a website. It takes time for Google to index a site, and it takes even longer to help those pages rank high for the right key terms. The last thing you want to do is take down a page that’s ranking well without replacing it with an equivalent page with the same link. Making sure your URL slugs match is an easy process, but can be a little trickier if you are using parent pages or custom post types. Always double check these before launching your new site.

Content & Headings

While sometimes a new website design is a great opportunity to refresh your content & headings, if the old written content and headings are performing well, then carrying them over is definitely a must. This task is quite straightforward and is probably the only time that copying and pasting is actually encouraged in the world of SEO content writing!

Metadata & Schema

Just like content, you may want to take this opportunity to see which targeted keywords and phrases you can work into your metadata and schema. If your web design needed a facelift, maybe page titles and meta descriptions do too. And don’t forget to copy over any local business schema, FAQ schema, or even schema you might have firing!

Resubmitting Your Sitemap

Once your new site is live, make sure that you go back into your Google Search console and closely monitor your new site. Depending on how you verified your site originally (HTML code/file, TXT DNS record, or Google Tag Manager integration) you may have to reverify. Take this opportunity to resubmit your sitemap to GSC so that it can begin to re-index all your new pages.

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