How to Link Your Facebook and Twitter Account for SEO

Social Media and blogging is a great way to get attention and direct traffic to your website. It is important to be generating fresh, interesting content regularly for SEO purposes but more importantly, you should be updating for the sake of followers or potential followers who are reading your posts.

Facebook and Twitter have become important platforms for local businesses. It allows you to make a personal connection with your customers. Nothing beats word of mouth. If your customers like you, maybe their friends will too.  Recommendations made socially are based on trust. It allows customer feedback, social media is a place where you can gauge what people like and don’t like. And of course it allows for promotions and live updates. You can showcase work you’ve done or events you’re hosting, or sales and promotions going on.

If you have both accounts (which we recommend) it can often be time consuming, tedious, and hard to remember to post to both of them. An easy way to send out a blast out to Facebook and Twitter is to link your accounts. This way when you post to your business’ Facebook page, it also posts to the Twitter.

Step 1: Log in to access the Facebook and Twitter account for your business.

Facebook Tip: If you are an admin or manager for you business’ page, you can log into your personal account.

Step 2: Go to

Step 3: Locate the page for your business that you want to link, and click ‘Link to Twitter’

If you are a page admin and logged into your personal account it will look like this:

If you are logged in directly to the business page it will look like this:


Step 4: You will be prompted to authorize Facebook to use your twitter account. Click ‘Authorize App’

Twitter Tip: This is a good opportunity to check which account you’re linking to. You need to be logged into the account you want to link!


That’s all there is to it. Now whenever you post to Facebook, it will forward on to Twitter. Feel free to test this out. Remember that Twitter has a character limit, so if your post on Facebook is longer than 160 characters, it will be shortened and there will be a link back to your original post.

This shortcut will save you time and help you keep on top of updating your social media profiles -But if you have a large following on twitter think about writing original content for your twitter followers. If your entire feed is just snippets of your Facebook posts with links, then your twitter followers are going to get tired of having to jump back and forth between Twitter and Facebook, and they may as well have just followed you on Facebook to begin with.

By Katherine Kelly

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