How to leverage your website content for SEO results

Content rules the roost these days when it comes to ranking well in search results.  If you want to create material for your site that should help you rank better than others, there are some tips you can use.

1)      Remember that when most people initiate a search, they are asking a question – regardless of how they phrase their search terms.  For your content to rank well, you want to make sure that it is a good answer to that question.

2)      Make sure you content is clear and easy to read through.

3)      Be detailed, you want your stuff to be worth looking at and you want it to be better than what you see on other, similar sites.

4)      Use your keywords – what is the point of your site anyway?  What product are you selling? What services do you provide?  Use the words you think people will search for, but be careful not go overboard and “stuff” your content with terms so that it no longer reads naturally or sounds manufactured.

5)      Be distinct and original.  Say things that make you stand out from the others.

6)      Promote your content.  Beyond the site itself, use social media to your advantage.  Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and many other social media platforms exist to promote your site.

7)      Be timely.  If you own a hardware story and it’s winter, now is the time to talk about snow blowers!

Google changes their search algorithms regularly, but their message is always the same: they want to deliver the best stuff upfront when people search for something.  Make yours the best it can be and you should see some results.

By Don MacMelville

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