How To Know When It’s Time For A Business Rebrand

Have you grown tired of your logo? Have you changed your business strategy? These are normal questions, part of the natural cycle that every business goes through. With this cycle arises the question, is it time that we rebrand? This is a tricky decision, but when the time is right, it is a great investment of both time and resources that can greatly benefit the company. That is why the digital marketing industry experts at Boston Web Marketing have compiled our most noticed common signs that tell you it’s time to rebrand your business.


5 Signs You Need A Business Rebrand:


Your Business Strategy and Vision Have Changed

The first telltale sign that your company needs a business rebrand is if you are changing your company’s strategic vision. This includes a new business model, a change in services or products you offer, a new strategic direction and vision, and anything related to a large shift in the business in the future. Your brand needs to reflect your company’s overall main focus and direction; if it doesn’t, your brand will be misleading. If your current brand does not match where you are headed, you need to rebrand and consider how to showcase your new strategy.


You Want To Stand Out

Stop trying to fit in. The best way to win over a customer, especially from a competitor, is to stand out and do it purposefully. Your brand and logo should not look like everyone else’s. While yes, it is ok to follow industry guidelines, you don’t want your brand to be a replica of your competitors.


It’s Dated

One of the most common reasons companies change their branding is that they feel it is dated. A dated brand is an incredibly valid reason to complete a rebrand, especially if it has been ten-plus years since the original was created. Do you think your brand needs to be updated? Ways to tell include: it doesn’t translate well across platforms, you’re embarrassed, it’s lackluster, and it isn’t a good use for social media purposes.


Change In Ownership

If your company is acquired by a new owner or manager and the current company name is related to the previous owner, you will want to update and change the brand slightly. This name change is fundamental if the person is no longer involved within the company or industry.


Your Business Has Outgrown Your Brand

What once worked when your company started will not work in 5 or 10 years. This is because as your business grows, you will want to refine and create a brand that signifies who you are. If you are an evolving company conducting a rebrand that shows your values, professionalism, and personality is a great idea.


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