How To Keep Your Social Media Exciting This Summer

Summer will be here before you know it, so don’t let your business’s online presence slip away! Improving your social media strategy for the summer is a great way to keep your social media presence fresh and exciting! Sometimes during the summer, businesses may slow down as people travel, go outdoors, and enjoy the warmer weather! Social engagement online may slow down as people can travel and explore what is offered! Keeping your business’s social media presence and engagement up is huge to beat the summer lull. This prevents sales from decreasing and puts you at an advantage over other companies. Learn five ways to keep your social media presence up this summer to avoid a slow, boring summer!

5 Ways To Keep Your Social Media Exciting This Summer

Take a look at these five helpful tips to keep social media engagement up and avoid slow sales and a lack of interest in your business!

1. Offer Giveaways Or A Contest

If there is one thing users love, it’s a free product or service! Starting a giveaway post on Instagram or Facebook not only grabs the attention of your business but increases engagement with your followers. Offering a gift card to your followers or a free facial, haircut, etc., will allow users to comment on your post and interact with your page more. Setting simple entry requirements, such as ensuring they follow your account, comment, like, and share. This will increase your follower relationship and improve your social media presence as your post gets shared throughout the feeds of others! This is a win-win for both you and the followers who enter and win. 

2. Collaborate With Influencers

Nowadays, social media influencers are taking over the social world! From Tik Tok to Instagram posts and reels, these social influencers significantly impact users’ decisions. Influencers that show short clips or photos of them using a specific product can greatly influence the minds of their followers. Partnering with influencers for a paid social media influencer marketing campaign will allow your product to get in the eyes of thousands of new potential customers. The ability to get higher influencers with more social media followers may depend on your budget or your connections. Starting with an influencer with good followers and quality content will allow your product to become a new hot trend! Many influencers accept payment for their posts, but depending on the person, they may accept gift cards, free products, store credit, etc., in place of payment. 

3. Use Visuals

Summer is when everyone wants to be outside enjoying the beauty of nature! Incorporating fresh visuals of flowers, animals, gardens, the ocean, and other aspects of nature will capture users’ attention on social media. This can be done through traditional posts of stories, as well as quick videos such as reels or Tik Tok. Dreamy photos over typical ads and verbiage will grab the eyes of your followers and make them want to learn more about your products or services. Relating your specific products to the time of the year or summer season is also a great way to have your followers be able to relate to the product and how it can benefit them this summer. 

4. Change Up Your Content

Changing your content strategies is huge for every season, not just the summer. No user wants to see the same post style every day or week. Keeping your content rotating will keep your profile fresh and your followers happy. Incorporating a mix of polls, videos, traditional posts, and giveaways will keep followers engaged and wanting to know what is next on your content calendar! Especially during the summer, users look for what is trending and fresh in today’s culture. Keeping up with social media trends and hot new products or activities this summer will allow your followers to be highly engaged. Testing out each variety of content and discovering what works best for your audience is a great way to stay on the path as you move forward.

5. Turn To Social Media Professionals

If social media still isn’t your thing, no worries! Not everyone can be creative on the spot and draft up social media posts that are wow factors! Digital marketing and social media companies are experts in targeting the eyes of your followers and new potential customers by creating highly engaging and attractive posts. In order to keep your social media fresh for the summer, exciting and creative content is huge for standing apart from the competition. Avoid a lull in your business and social engagement this summer with the help of professionals in the social media world. It will take the stress off your plate and allow you to enjoy the benefits of a booming business and highly engaged social world!

Create Highly Engaging Posts This Summer With Boston Web Marketing

Let Boston Web Marketing help you improve your online and social presence this summer. Our digital marketing and social media experts constantly keep up with the latest trends and are committed to helping your business grow. Discover how we can help you with our social media services by giving us a call at 857-526-0096!

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