How to Keep Your SEO Team Relevant

SEO mistakes you should fix to start your 2019 right.

If you run an SEO team or work for an SEO company and realized that you have a decrease in the number of clients you have or a loss in conversions, your SEO strategies could be outdated. As we know, Google is constantly making updates to algorithms that change the way SEO is scored on websites. Some updates may make it seem like you need countless SEO reps to follow the new guidelines that Google has laid out. However, the problem you are facing is not the update itself but it may be a lack of understanding.

How do I keep my staff up to date?

Your staff needs to be updated on the constant updates and new techniques that Google comes out with each month. Instead of relying on your staff to look for these changes and updates themselves, make a group meeting 1-3 times a month to discuss what is going on. Group settings can also spark the flow for better ideas on SEO & how to deal with clients.

Update your clients

When you get an update that may change the way your client ranks on the SERPS or may lead to you having to make major or minor changes to a site, it is important to speak to your client about what’s going on. This will reassure your client that you are putting in the maximum effort for their site & will also let them know what to expect if they are about to drop in the SERPS so they are not blindsided.

We hope that these tips will help you keep your SEO team relevant and keep your clients happy! For any more questions please feel free to call us at 857-526-0096


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