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How to Keep Your Content Fresh

It can be challenging to keep content fresh. There is a never ending process of creating content that consists of creating new content and then letting the content become old and outdated, and then recreating content, etc. It seems to be a cycle that never ends. But, if you regularly maintain your content by making updates this is refreshing your content. Content is the key to successful SEO so, keeping your content fresh is important. Continue reading to learn more information about how to keep your content fresh!

Content Audit

When refreshing your content, it is important to conduct a content audit. When a content audit is done, it tells you which content is doing well and which content is not. From the audit, you can decide which content to refresh and what to make the highest priority. If your website has an old blog post that is still gaining traffic and another blog that shows traffic is decreasing, the blog with the slow traffic should take priority before the successful one. Prioritizing which content should be refreshed helps ensure that you are not wasting your time and are optimizing your blog content.

Content Gaps

After conducting the content audit, identifying what content gaps you need to fill is the next step. Filling content gaps means finding what you’re content is missing and adding it. Information is important to think about in content gaps, finding out what you information you need to add, remove, or expand on, what improvements need to be made, etc. Also, you what to think about strategy when filling gaps in your content such as how and where to reference your product or business within the content, etc. Also, strategically add the next step for consumers (call to action) so you can improve the conversion rate. Filling content gaps is important for higher rankings, more traffic, and conversion rates.

Improve The Content

Finally, once the content auditing and filling content gaps are done, it is time to remaster the content. This consists of turning the old content into something new and better. Remastering the content can take time, that depends on what content gaps you identify. Improving content can be as simple as improving readability and formatting or as difficult as completely rewriting the content. Once the content is improved and refreshed, it should be promoted just as heavily as a new piece of content would to gain traction again.

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