How to Interact with Customers on Social Media

If your brand strategy is working, then more likely than not your audience is talking about your brand on social right now. This can be considered as a window of opportunity for you to interact directly with your target audience, but knowing what to say or how to interact with your audience can be tricky. Keep in mind that your goal should be to keep social interactions positive.

Social media is a great tool to communicate with your audience, critics, or potential clients. What is so challenging about communicating with your audience is when you are addressing complaints, questions, or poor reviews.

When responding to a customer’s complaint you would want to respond publicly, allow anyone who sees the complaint to notice that you did your due diligence as a business manager to address the issue. Then encourage the customer to discuss the issue privately with you through another form of communication, whether it be email, phone, or messenger. If the issue can be remediated, talk with the customer and try to come to an understanding. Responding to the issue quickly is key, taking too much time will feel as if the issue was not important enough to fix promptly.

Avoid getting emotional when communicating with a customer, keep everything professional and positive. Try your best to resolve every issue, but if you feel as if the conversation is not getting anywhere, it is ok to move on and ignore the comment entirely. If the complaint seems legitimate, do your best to not ignore it and resolve the issue. It is a great idea to be personable with your responses but try not use humor because the customer may feel as if you are not taking the issue seriously enough. Do not delete comments, doing so will hurt your credibility.

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