How to Integrate MailChimp with Google Analytics

MailChimp is a free-to-use email marketing service that allows you to update your customers with your business’ latest news and announcements. One of MailChimp’s features is its streamlined reporting services. Once an email is sent, marketers can view a variety of their campaign’s metrics, including open rate, click-through-rate and successful delivery rate. Users can also view the number of emails that bounced, and the number of recipients who unsubscribed.

For optimal reporting, you can link your Google Analytics account with MailChimp to view your website traffic that was generated by the campaign. To link your Analytics account, follow the steps below:

  1.  In the right-hand corner, click on your username, which should be beside ‘Help’
  2.  In the dropdown, click on ‘Account’
  3.  Next, click on ‘Integrations’
  4.  Scroll down and click on ‘Google: Analytics, Contacts and Docs’
  5.  If you haven’t already, in a separate window, log in to your google account that’s associated with your site’s Google Analytics account
  6.  Click ‘Authorize Connection’
  7.  In the next window, hit ‘Allow Access’ to finalize the linking

Once your newsletter’s ready, make sure you have ‘Google Analytics Link Tracking’ checked off when preparing to send your newsletter.


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