How To Increase Your Websites Conversions

While getting substantial traffic to your website is impressive, unfortunately, that’s only half the battle. Even if you’re initially putting in the effort to get users to your website, many business owners still struggle with the fact that the majority of those users are not converting. After all, the bottom line, whether it be sales, lead generation, email sign-ups, etc., is the single most important metric that business owners will care about. So, what can you do to increase your website’s conversions with quality leads? 

landing page optimzation

Optimizing Landing Pages

Dedicating a specific landing page for your pay-per-click ads is also crucialCreate a page that gives users tunnel vision, and avoid including anything that could distract their visionThis page should be all about getting your visitors to complete that one specific action. Matching the copy of this page to your intended audience’s reading level and using language that will be communicative to them is key

Optimizing Your Contact Forms

If your primary goal is to receive contact form submissionsit’s crucial to understand the user experience and get in the mind of a consumer. Users have a very short attention span when surfing the internet, and asking them to fill out a lengthy form with too many fields could greatly decrease your conversion rate. Forms with only 3 fields convert at the highest rate if it is necessary to include more, try making certain fields optionalThis allows you to still capture the contact information of all users willing to fill out the form, as well as specific details from users with a deeper interest. 

Incorporate call-to-actions throughout your content

Once your call-to-actions are optimized, don’t be afraid to implement them in more locations throughout your website. Inserting them into your content is a great way to get customers to convert. Add contact forms to the sidebar of blog posts, service pages, and beyond. Try adding a stick-footer click-to-call button, for easy use on mobile devices. Just be mindful of doing this in a way that is effective, but not overdone. 

Utilize Reviews & Testimonials

Reviews and testimonials speak volumes. Once you’ve communicated your value, allow your previous customers to give you the praise you deserve. Consumers greatly value the opinions of others, and showcasing these reviews on your website will be key for your conversion rate. 

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