How To Increase Social Media Engagement For A New Business

Starting a new business can be nerve-wracking and overwhelming. So much time, effort, and money go into a new business as an owner. Social media is a great tool to get your business out there and spread awareness to the social world. While social media is a free tool for businesses, getting the following and engagement you are hoping for can be challenging. As a new business owner, brand identity and a social following are essential in today’s world. Social media is used daily by users of all ages, making it a necessity for every business. If you’re looking for ways to increase your social media presence and engagement, continue reading below for these helpful ways to increase social media engagement.

What Is Social Media Engagement?

Social Media Engagement is the number of comments, likes, and shares a social media account receives. As a business owner, you want to aim for quality content on social media rather than content with a high quantity of likes, comments, and shares. Activity and engagement on social media are crucial to keeping your business and brand identity alive. It also helps you to keep a good relationship with your customers and potential new customers. There are many pros and cons to using social media platforms for your business, but once you learn how to use them effectively, your business will bloom. Various metrics can measure social media engagement: shares & retweets, comments, likes, followers, mentions, hashtags, and more. 

5 Ways To Increase Social Media Engagement As A New Business

It’s everyone’s dream to have a social media page booming with quality content and high engagement. While that takes patience and dedication, there are some ways to help boost engagement and get your brand name out there! Take a look below at some of these helpful ways to increase your social media engagement as a new business. 

1. Find Your Strategy

Before creating various social media pages, it is crucial to determine your goals or what you are trying to accomplish with each account. Every business has different goals; some may be looking for more leads, some may want more clicks to their website, while others may wish to communicate with their followers or get their brand out there. It would be best if you also determined your brand’s voice and your posts’ style. 

2. Understand Your Audience

If you need help understanding your followers or the audience you are looking to target, it will be easy to create quality posts that will cater to them and their interests. The language and tone you use will be vital in helping you target your audience. Different companies will have different tones and audiences they are looking to achieve. If you understand your audience, you will know when the excellent posting times for them will be, what social media platforms they constantly use, what type of content they enjoy, and much more. 

3. Create Valuable Content

Once you determine your audience and strategy, you can create quality and highly engaging content. Knowing who is following you and what platforms they are following you on will make it easier to create the right content: posting tips and tricks, information about your services, and contests or polls. Getting creative with your content will keep your followers engaged and wanting to interact with your various posts. The best way to determine which content works for your accounts is to watch and discover how your audience reacts. Only some content styles will work for you, but testing different ways and learning which works best for you will help you increase your social engagement. 

4. Stay On-Trend

If you need help thinking of fresh content for social media, look at what other businesses are doing. There may be trending conversations that other businesses and their followers are engaging with. Commenting on these current events and trends will allow your brand to connect with different audiences on live events and happenings. Trending pop culture, sporting events, holidays, memes, tik tok trends, and more are all excellent places to start and look for ways to increase engagement. 

5. Stay Humanized

A lot of followers are interested in engaging with pages that are humanized. Remember to show videos or create posts of real people and relevant content that is not computerized. Keeping a humanized brand will make it easier for your followers to relate and engage with your content. A brand is more personal when it can acknowledge its followers and answer questions they may have. Adding humor and sincerity to your posts and comments will make your followers want to engage with you and look forward to your next post!

Increase Your Social Media Engagement With Boston Web Marketing

If you’re a new business looking to increase your social media presence and engagement, contact Boston Web Marketing! We offer social media optimization services for various industries, such as salons, law firms, dental offices, and much more! Please read about our social media services or contact us at 857-526-0096 for more information!


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