How Do I Increase Social Conversions in 2019?

Of course, content marketing plays a significant role in creating engagement and building relationships with the customer, the ultimate goal of a business is profit. No matter what your social media strategy is, essentially, the main goal is to generate leads and create conversions. There are various ways of doing so, as social networks can be a great tool to promote sign-ups, drive website visits or highlight products and services. If you have not taken advantage of social media for business, 2019 is the time to do so.

Clear & Succinct Writing

When you only have a few seconds to grab someone’s attention, getting your point across should be as quick as possible. Social media content doesn’t have to be overly complicated – write in a simple and conversational language. Avoid industry-specific terms and be plain with descriptions. Don’t forget to proofread your copy to avoid misspellings and other grammatical errors. Always back up your posts with an appropriate call to action.

Supporting Best-Performing Organic Content

With all the algorithm updates that social platforms are constantly rolling out, it becomes more challenging for a business account to keep up with the customers’ feed. Social media advertising, however, can be an effective tool to promote short-notice events or reach niche audiences. Social ads should be constantly monitored to reach the best results. Also, think about different outlets: the newest way to advertise on social media is Instagram Stories.

Social Video

Multiple industry-related studies have shown that 15-30 second-long video clips are more effective in reaching the audience, rather than plain text. Even if your advertising budget is tight, there are many cost-efficient ways of generating video content for your brand. For example, consider using stock videos or even slideshows to your advantage. Moving visuals will bring you more viewers. 

Great Visuals

To drive conversions, the content needs to be noticeable.  Be consistent with your image style and color choices, so that your followers can spot your content in their feeds. Avoid stock images that are too typical and that are overused across the industry.

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