How to Increase Organic Traffic to Your Website

If you have low organic traffic despite having great content, products, and services, you may need to learn how to boost organic traffic to your site. Having top spots in organic search results in increased traffic to your website; however, it can be a challenge. Continue reading this article to learn how to increase organic traffic to your website. 

Research, research, research.

Understanding your audience and which keywords are necessary for you will aid in increasing website traffic. This is done by research. 

Researching your target audience will help you understand exactly what they are looking for. You can use this research to personalize content and meet their search intent. Utilizing search intent is crucial to improving your rankings and conversion rates because you provide exactly what a user wants (i.e., information, products, services, etc.). Even if your content is valuable, it must be audience-centric to drive traffic. 

Once you’ve researched your target audience, you can develop relevant keywords. Keyword research is one of the main tactics in search engine optimization. Keywords consist of words your target audience may use to find content, and you can use them everywhere: title tags, H1 tags, metadata, blogs, etc. However, there are two things to remember: aim for long-tail keywords and avoid keyword stuffing. 

Know the meaning behind Search Intent.

Knowing your target audience’s search intent can help personalize content and drive traffic. Search intent is the reason behind a search query, and there are four types: informational, navigational, transactional, and commercial. Informational search intent is when a user wants information about a product or service. Navigational refers to a user looking for a specific website. Transactional search intent is users looking to buy a product or service. And lastly, commercial intent refers to a user searching with the intent to buy a product or service sometime in the near future. 

Understanding search intent can help you develop a marketing strategy to increase traffic, conversions, and CTR while decreasing bounce rates. 

Curate high-quality content. 

High-quality and relevant content is what encourages people to visit your website. Many factors go into creating such content, but here are a few: 

  • Original
  • Informational
  • Easy to read/digest
  • Useful 

Content with internal/external links and call-to-actions can also encourage visitors to stay on your website longer and generate conversions. Providing high-quality content also includes off-page marketing, such as social media. Social media is one of the easiest ways to generate a large following for free. Using social media platforms to your advantage can reach more people and drive traffic back to your website. 

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