How To Increase Facebook Engagement

Facebook pages are a powerful platform for businesses. On Facebook, you can promote products, connect with customers, and most importantly drive traffic to your website. In order for your Facebook page to be successful for your business, your posts and activities on the platform need to be creative, interesting and make people want to engage with them. While getting ‘likes’ are great to get, having more kinds of engagement with your audience is the first step to generating leads and loyal customers. Here are just 4 of the many ways you can boost your Facebook engagement to help your business succeed and grow. 

Pose a Question

A simple way to boost engagement on your Facebook page is to ask questions in your posts. This is you basically inviting a response that can start conversations between you and your audience. The more you engage with your audience the more engagement your page will get. When people engage with your Facebook page and you respond back, they tend to trust your business more because your engagement helps them humanize your business knowing they are not just talking to a computer. 

Host a Contest or Giveaway

Hosting a contest or a giveaway is a great way to create a ton of engagement on your Facebook page. Choose a reward that has value and that is relevant to many different types of people. This will help you get a wider audience than your initial target audience. Most social media contests require you to follow that page, tag friends in the comments and share the post in order to enter. Do this every few months to create a wider audience and get more engagement with your Facebook page. People love free stuff! So it is very likely that you will get many entries if your reward is cool and valuable.

Post When Your Audience is Most Active

People use Facebook at all different times of the day. Some like to scroll through in the morning, some in the afternoon on their breaks, and some at night before they go to bed. If you are posting at random times during the day, there is a chance some, if not a lot of your audience will miss the post. A better way to plan your posting times is to check your Facebook Insights to see when your audience is most active. Within your Facebook Insights, you can play around with different times and days of the week to see when it makes the most sense to post. Post at a few different times of the day to get started and note which times brought the most engagement. 

Engage with Other Brands

Some people don’t engage with other brands because they think they have to spend all their Facebook time on their own page. Engaging with other brands can actually help bring a whole other audience to your page which is likely to lead to more engagement as well. Engage with other brands’ pages just as you would with your own. This will prove to audiences that this is also how you treat and engage with your own audience. 

Engagement Starts with You!

In conclusion, most tactics to create more engagement on your Facebook starts with you! If you are engaging, it is likely people who support you and your business will follow your lead and engage as well. Over time this will slowly evolve into more and more followers and engagement. If you’re looking for a digital marketing company to assist you with these strategies, contact Boston Web Marketing today!

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