How To Increase Conversions On Landing Pages

Are you noticing that the landing pages on your website are receiving high traffic rates but low conversion rates? If so, we understand that this can be a very frustrating task to handle, as there can be many factors as to why your landing pages aren’t landing you new business. As you want everyone visiting your landing page to turn into a new loyal customer or potential lead. So to ditch the poor conversion rate and increase your landing pages, our experienced team of digital marketing experts here at Boston Web Marketing has curated a list of ways you can improve your conversions on landing pages.

5 Ways To Increase Conversions On Landing Pages


Optimize the Page For Mobile Devices

Mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets are used significantly more in today’s day than they were years ago, as consumers are constantly reaching for their phones to book appointments and find new businesses. So if your landing page is not mobile user friendly there is a strong chance that you are losing out on a significant amount of conversions. Make your mobile pages streamlined, neat, and organized, and include short contact forms that are easy to fill out on a smaller screen.


Include Calls To Action

Without calls to action, your page visitor may not see the chance to contact you. Every single one of your landing pages should include a clear and direct call to action. This will ensure that your website viewer sees what to do next and knows the steps they need to take to contact you for your product or service. These calls to action include but are not limited to buttons, hyperlinks, etc.


Test The Page Frequently

Every single month run a test of your landing page, this includes running A/B testing as well as calls to action testing. This ensures that your contact forms, buttons, link, and anything else within the page are working. As when these elements don’t work you run the risk of missing out on conversions and clientele.


Get Professional Help From A Digital Marketing Agency

A big part of a successful business is ensuring that your landing pages are converting properly and are perfectly optimized for search engines. If you want to increase conversions on your landing pages and improve your overall SEO strategy, contact a professional digital marketing agency, such as Boston Web Marketing. With our team of digital marketing experts, we guarantee that all parts of your landing pages and SEO strategy will always be working, and if there is an issue we will troubleshoot as needed, helping you increase your conversions and in turn get you more business!


Make The Page Visually Appealing

No one wants to view a landing page that is visually unappealing and lackluster, this only drives potential customers and conversions away. That is why it is very important to include multimedia elements, interesting content, visuals, photos, and potentially videos on your landing pages. This can give the page life and help in increasing your conversion rate.


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