How to Increase Backlinks & Citations that Improve Your Website’s SEO

Link building, or the process of adding more online links that point back to your domain, is an important process for any business. Major search engines such as Google use these links to help users find accurate information, including your business’ products/services. Since the explosion of web marketing investment in 2011, link building has been a crucial process for SEO success. However, link building strategies have dramatically changed in the last 9-10 years.

Before Google released several quality control algorithms to reduce spam, many websites submitted their domain to spam sites to boost their link quantity. But the introduction of Google’s Penguin algorithm soon meant that digital marketers had to ensure the quality of their backlinks were also up to certain standards. This meant that Google would penalize a site whenever they had too many spammy links that referred back to their domain. A site with too many low-quality backlinks can lead to major SEO penalties for that site.

Even with changes in how Google evaluate’s a website’s backlinks, it is still an important aspect of any digital marketing strategy. Learning how to create quality backlinks and citations to your website requires a more modern strategy to help your website rank faster.

Which high-quality links should I start building?

The first step in a good link-building campaign is to get your domain listed on social media platforms and relevant online business directories. Both platforms are useful to ensure that search engines have easily identifiable business information on your websites.

Social media helps to not only build engagement for your local followers and customers but also to improve the information that Google has to find your business location. Make sure you completely fill out all the information on key social profiles including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yelp, and other high-priority citations. Additionally, a link-building campaign also needs a lot of citations from business directories that can help your website increase visibility by sharing relevant information with followers to engage with. Even a basic social media strategy is a great way to get started with link building.

The next step is to find other types of links on business directories related to your individual products or services. For example, a contractor may want to first get their domain listed on directories that focus on construction companies and similar businesses. However, double-check that the directories have good domain authority. Domain authority is key to ensuring that your backlinks are beneficial instead of harmful.

Ask an expert to help coordinate a successful backlink campaign

If you’re not sure where to get started, or how to find successful backlink opportunities in 2020, then make sure you consult Boston Web Marketing! Our team has several years of experience to ensure that your entire SEO operations are successful in the new decade! We encourage you to ask for a website audit to get started!

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