How to Incorporate ‘Back to School’ into Your Marketing Strategy

While some students will still be learning remotely or in a hybrid learning environment this fall, we can all agree that there’s been a renewed buzz about back to school compared to last year. A recent study by KPMG even estimates that back to school spending will see a 9% increase this year, which means more opportunities for you and your business.

Find Your Opportunity

Of course, back to school shopping doesn’t apply to every type of business, especially for those that are B2B and don’t offer products or services to consumers. But chances are that if you do service consumers, there is definitely an angle out there for your business. You don’t have to be selling pens or binders to take advantage of the extra spending that happens at this time of year. Your strategy also doesn’t even have to specifically state “back to school”. What’s most important is that you get in front of the right audiences who are in the right mindset to spend a little extra.

It’s About The Parents Too

Back to school isn’t just an occasion for students. It is just as much about their parents, if not more so! After a long summer of watching their kids sit around the house, who is more excited about them heading out of the house and being active? If you offer any home services, from landscaping to home improvements, take advantage of this insight and get in front of your audience. The timing is also great as the warmer weather extends into September and October.

Don’t Forget About College Students

College students are perhaps one of the easiest possible targets for your campaign. From 18-24, they are an extremely diverse audience of adults who might have some extra money saved up from a summer job or internship. If you’re not sure which angle to take your campaign when considering the needs of younger students and their parents, college students is a great audience to easily pull insights from.

Consider a Promotion

If you’re already spending money on a campaign, big or small, you might be hesitant to knock anything off your prices. But if you have the resources to increase your sales volume, it really is worth it, and another way to stay competitive with similar businesses. Even a small percentage off of your usual price is a great place to start. If you aren’t sure where to start, Google Adwords or social media are great places to run your promotions.

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