How to Improve Your Website’s Page Speed

Page speed refers to how long it takes for a website to load. Not only is it essential for a positive user experience, but it has become an increasingly significant Google ranking factor, and will soon be one of the most prominent. Because of the fact that Google will now punish your website for loading at a slower speed than the rest, it has become imperative to take the time to work on your website’s page speed. Here, we will go over a few improvements you can implement to optimize your page speed. 

Invest in Quality Hosting

We understand why some people may choose the cheapest website hosting service; everyone needs to save money somewhere! However, your website host should not be where you are cutting back on costs. Cheaper hosts tend to stuff as many websites onto one server as they possibly can; they are putting 10 pounds of stuff in a 5-pound bag if you will. Yes, you will have a website on the internet, but once you start gaining traffic, it will start to take a very long time to load, causing users to leave before they even see your site. You will optimize your budget, page speed, and user experience significantly more when you invest in quality hosting. 

Enable Browser Caching

Allowing for browser caching on your website is a very simple way to improve your page speed. Enabling browser caching keeps your site information stored on a user’s browser. When they go to your page the next time, their browser does not need to load the whole site, as a lot of the elements are already stored. 


Minifying your CSS, Javascript, and HTML will remove any unnecessary characters and eliminate blank space throughout your website. By removing any characters and excess code you do not need while also getting rid of unused space, you can drastically reduce the file size of your website. As a result, your page speed increases! 

Boston Web Marketing

When it comes to page speed optimization, our team here at Boston Web Marketing are experts. We understand the importance of a good Google rank and quality, user-friendly experience. If you have remaining questions or concerns regarding your website’s page speed, feel free to contact us today at 857-526-0096 or contact us here.

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