How to Improve Your SEO by Using Schema Markup

When it comes to technical SEO, there are various skill sets to choose from and implement on your website. One crucial skill set is schema markup (also known as structured data) because it allows various search engines like Google to crawl and understand the information on your website. When Google crawls your website, its primary goal is to identify what product or services you offer and if the site will help it provide better results for its users. When it comes to standing out from your competitors in the search results, incorporating a schema markup is one of the best technical SEO techniques. So, let us dive into schema markup and why it is essential for your website’s SEO.

What is Schema Markup?

Schema markup is code that you place on your website to help search engines provide users with accurate and informative results for their search queries. When a website has schema markup implemented, users can see what your website is about, where you are located, what service or product you offer, how much you charge, and more helpful information on the search engine results page (SERP). Typically, the content you publish on your website gets indexed and returned in search results, but with schema markup, your content gets indexed and returned to users differently. This form of technical SEO can pack a punch when it comes to boosting your rankings, but is also one of the least-utilized forms of optimization. See below why schema markup is important for your SEO strategy.

Why is Schema Markup Important to SEO?

Schema markup provides many benefits to your SEO strategies in addition to directly impacting your rankings in search results. Firstly, schema markup helps search engines understand the content and context of your pages. When search engines understand what you are offering users, it can lead to your website ranking for relevant search queries, eventually generating more traffic. Second, adding schema can enhance the appearance of your website in search results and improve your click-through rate (CTR). Lastly, if you have been looking for a competitive edge to beat your competition in the search results, schema can help! While launched in 2011, many websites still do not use schema markup on their pages. Get ahead of the curve and help your website stand out by adding schema markup!

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Schema markup can be complicated. From identifying the different types and properties of schema to determining which one will be the best fit for the information displayed on your page, there is a lot of information to decode. If you are looking to save yourself time and energy but also want to reap the benefits of schema markup, consider working with Boston Web Marketing, a leading digital marketing agency that is well-versed in schema markup. Contact our team online or call us at 857.526.0096 to learn more!

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