Ways to Improve your Website in 2015

The New Year is upon us. What are some New Year Resolutions for your business’s website? One resolution you should make is improving your Organic Search Results; Boston Web Marketing can help you implement a number of SEO strategies that will improve your site and your Organic Search Results; give us a call at 857.526.0096.

Here are some strategies that will improve your website’s search results and traffic:

You should first identify your site’s current problems; you should look at the backend of your site (i.e. page titles and Meta Descriptions, h1tags, XML sitemap, etc.), the physical content of your site, social media sites, and listing sites.

Improving the backend of your site is important if you want strong organic search results; you want to make sure Google and other search engines understand your site. You help search engines read the content of your site more efficiently when you have strong page titles & Meta Descriptions, as well as an XML Sitemap, and Webmaster Tools installed.

After you have the backend sorted out, look at the content of your site; is it original and well written? You want to make sure that the content on your site is 100% written by you (or someone who is working for you), and that each page is unique.

A lot of people seem to neglect social media sites when they are implementing an SEO game plan; updating fresh content, pictures and links to sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ can help improve your search results. Search engines use social media updates as one of their many ranking factors, and if you neglect this important piece to the puzzle, you’re leaving the door wide open for your competitors!

Setting up a successful backlink campaign can help gain exposure to your business and its website. Backlinks are created when you update your business’s link, contact information, and content to a variety of local listing sites and directories; sites like Yellow Pages, Yelp, Yahoo Local, etc.

Google rewards sites with strong backlinks better search results; it’s yet another factor Google uses when ranking websites! So make sure you backlinks game is up to par and make sure you use industry specific listing sites too!

For more information about improving your website for the New Year, feel free to give Boston Web Marketing a call at 857.526.0096.

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