How To Improve Search Rankings For Your Blog

As a Search Engine Optimizer, there’s a huge opportunity to increase search rankings through blogging. One major key to SEO and building a website follows the key phrase, “Content is King.” Blogging adds credibility to your website and boosts search rankings but they also offer new avenues for users to enter your site. Each blog post is a new page on your website that Google indexes. To maximize your site’s potential it’s important to have each blog rank as high as possible. This way, your site pops up for more keywords, for more searches and in results, your site receives more traffic.

Here are three simple strategies that you can follow in order to build a source of organic traffic to your blog.

Focus on More than Just Keywords:

Over the years, Google has made it their goal to really understand content on a page rather than only seeing a string of keywords. Google wants to focus on the overall experience of its users and has done this when they rolled out hummingbird. A now smarter algorithm can better understand what people are searching and what content on a page actually means.

Google is continuing to focus on the actual quality of a page rather than specific keywords. While this doesn’t mean you should ignore keywords, it does mean that the overall quality of the content has more benefits to a user.

Promote Your Content

Most marketers have a notion that “if you build it, they will come.” If you want to build brand recognition, and earn high-quality backlinks, it will be difficult with just organic traffic. My advice is to first understand who your audience is and what problems or needs they have. By writing content that targets these needs, you could then create a social media promotion to get this informative content in from of the right people.

The idea of getting earned links has forced content writers to not only write quality content but content that is useful for their audience.

Mobile Friendly

As technology continues to evolve, it’s impossible not to realize that we are in a mobile world. Potential customers are no longer sitting behind their desk to access the internet.  Since Google launched the Mobile Friendly Update, the importance of having an easy to navigate mobile site has never been higher. Blog websites that aren’t mobile friendly will lose potential organic traffic on mobile devices.

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