How To Improve My Site’s SEO For Bing

As any well-versed optimizer knows, the vast majority of all web searches are completed via Google. It is responsible for nearly 90% of all searches, which makes it the main target for optimizers who are looking to boost their site’s visibility and rankings. However, while Google controls the market share of searches, they are far from the only search engine, and the best practices for SEO on Google, aren’t necessarily the same as other engines, as they all have their own algorithms to rank a websites relevance.

What’s the second most popular search engine in the world you may be asking? Well, that distinction belongs to Bing, which controlled 6.5% of the global search market. While that may not seem like a large amount in comparison to Google, that 6.5% is responsible for millions of searches a day, meaning that you need to consider how to best optimize your content for Bing as well! Interested in learning more about the best SEO practices for Bing? Keep reading below for more information!

Write Great Content

The first rule of thumb remains true across all search engines; if you want to rank well, you need to produce quality content.

The one distinction that Bing has is that their algorithm tends to value exact-phrase matches a tad bit more than Google. This means that you’ll see a benefit from occasionally adding in a long-tail keyword for the sake of getting it into the content. You’ll also benefit from adding keywords into your URL’s & H-tags.

Social Presence Matters

Another interesting ranking signal that Bing mentions the importance of is social media presence. While social profiles have a marginal impact on your Google rank, Bing indicates that they value an active social media presence, and they look for signals from the largest social media platforms that your brand is active!

Use The Tools

Lastly, if you’re looking to improve your site’s SEO within Bing, make sure you use the appropriate Bing tools to improve your search presence. While Google has its GMB & Webmaster tools, Bing has its own equivalents, called Bing Places, & Bing Webmaster Tools. Bing Places is an invaluable listing, just as GMB is, which will give your website considerably more visibility. Additionally, Bing Webmaster Tools will provide you with the information you need to know whether your website is indexing properly if there are any functionality issues, and much more. Using both tools will give you a leg up on the competition!

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