How to Identify your Niche and Buyer Persona for SEO

As a business owner, when it comes to identifying your niche in your line of business you probably think you have figured it out. You already have a distinguished idea of who your potential customer will be, what age group they are in, what their interests are and more. This you have figured out because as an establishment owner you can visually identify who this person is when they walk into your shop. What happens when this audience / potential customer is online? How do you identify your audience in the online realm?

How to Single Out Buyer Personas for your Business

It’s easy, you can recognize your preferred audience by creating different profiles of buyer personas. This strategy will assist you with keyword searching and target queries relevant to what the potential customer would probably search for. Once you have gathered similar keywords and phrases you can qualify them within the different buyer personas you have created for your business. The reasoning behind this strategy is to identify what are the different personas of the people coming to your site to then reflect relevant content and campaigns they will respond to. The main purpose of SEO is to drive traffic. To be successful and create content that will have that return on investment it’s important to understand where your audience is coming from, and what they are searching for.

Niche and Keyword Research

The best part of this strategy is that you already have the tools to be able to create the buyer personas since it consists of numerical data for which you have google analytics. In google analytics, by searching for traffic sources then segmenting the searches into similar entities of the personas you create. You can come up with a number of different personas within a particular niche. Once you have gathered this data, it will make it easy to identify what your audience wants to purchase, what they want to learn more about, and what you should leave behind as it is of no interest to them.

Applying it to Real Life

The idea of creating buyer personas is to learn new ways to attract your audience and new customers as well as retain regular visitors. So for instance, if you are a local artisan coffee shop owner you know that the keyword search and segmentation into different persona will help you develop creative ideas to attract different personas. Since the buyer personas will differ but have a common interest, you can use the commonality as an advantage to create a marketing strategy that will entice  the buyer persona  into your shop.


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