How To Identify Why My Rankings Have Dropped and How Can I Fix Them?

Google is constantly updating their algorithms and it can affect the way that sites with established SEO rank on the SERP’s. This can be concerning for business owners and developers alike, as they watch their websites rankings tank with no explanation, as seemingly nothing major has changed on their site that could cause such a significant dip in rankings. However, there is often a simple explanation and solution for a sudden drop in your site’s rankings. Keep reading to learn more about how you can identify and fix a dip in ranking.

Identifying The Cause

When it comes to a dip in site ranking, there are a few common culprits that should be investigated. These issues include a change in Google’s algorithms, technical issues on your site, incorrect keywords, outdated content, or increased competition. If you find that your site has dropped dramatically in the SERP’s these are a few of the first things you should examine when trying to identify the issue. Addressing the issue can often be a challenge.

Fixing The Issue

The next step really depends on what you were able to identify as the issue. Let’s explore the solution for various issues:

Technical Issues

These issues generally fall under a couple of different categories. The most common technical issue that leads to the drop of rankings is failing to redirect a site that has changed servers. This can cause significant drops in your site’s rankings, so it’s important to remember to set up redirections any time your site changes servers and frequently check for errors in Search Console.

Another technical issue that can often sink site rankings is having poor page speed. This can be caused by a variety of issues, but some of the most common issues can be fixed by minifying files, compressing images, or reducing plug-ins or redirects. To learn more about your sites page speed, try using Lighthouse!

Incorrect Keywords

Targetting the wrong keywords can hurt your site’s ability to rank. This varies from site to site, but if you find that your site’s rankings are dropping, be sure to double-check the keywords you want to target and make sure your content lines up.

Outdated Content

Speaking of content, having old content can hurt your site’s rankings as well. Making sure that your site has fresh content doesn’t need to be difficult. You don’t always need to scrap what you have and start from scratch. As new information on your topic or service becomes available, be sure to regularly update the content in order to make sure that you’re producing content that users are interested in sharing and consuming.


Another reason that your site may have dropped, although generally insignificant, is that your site is facing more competition. If another site has more relevant, optimized content, you may find that their site leap-frogs yours in the SERP’s. Simply continue to produce new, targeted content, and your site can overtake your competition.

Algorithm Changes

Finally, one of the most unpredictable changes in SERP’s is caused by Google experimenting with their algorithms.  If you find that your site has faced a significant drop in a short amount of time, such as being on the first page one day and the fourth the next, be sure to check if your search engine is experimenting with their algorithms.  Google is always trying to improve user experience, but sometimes their experimentation can result in site’s dropping down the SERP’s. If an algorithm change is the cause of your site’s dip, you will need to sit tight to see if your site returns to its previous ranking. In all likelihood, it will. However, if it doesn’t, you’ll need to rework your content and take a look at which sites are ranking higher than yours to determine your next course of action.

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