Everything You Should Know About Google’s Featured Snippet Feature

If you’re trying to grow your business’ organic traffic, reaching the top search results spot is a great goal to focus on. However, ranking in the top Google search result spot can be easier said than done. If you’re new to marketing, or looking to expand your business’ online presence by growing your organic traffic, Boston Web Marketing can help. Simply fill out a contact form on our website or give us a call at (857) 526-0096 to learn more about how Boston Web Marketing can help your business succeed. 

What is Google’s Featured Snippet

If you’ve ever searched for the answer to a question on google, you probably have seen Google’s “featured snippet” feature. Google’s featured snippet result takes one article or website and places it at the top of search results, essentially offering that page as the best resource to answer your question. Google’s featured snippet is separate from search results. It is based on intelligence gathered from Google’s bots, and is much more likely to be clicked on compared to other search results. 

Why Search Engine Results Matter 

There are many different search engines available for users. However, Google is arguably the most popular search engine. Search engine results are a critical part of any business’ ability to gain traffic and sales through the internet. If you’re in an industry where you physically sell a product online or can offer a service online, your search results ranking matters. 

Showing up high in search results ensures that potential customers are finding their way to your website and increases the chances of customers making online purchases. The first 5 search engine results receive almost 70% of clicks, so if you want to get customers on your page, you have to rank at the top.

How to Better Position Your Website to Show as the Featured Snippet

There is no way that you can pay to hold the featured snippet result for certain search queries on Google. That is why featured snippet is such a valued consumer research tool – customers can trust that the featured snippet is likely their best option to get the answer to their search. As a business, it is important to capitalize on the featured snippet position, however, how do you ensure you hold the featured snippet if you cannot sponsor the position?

Featured snippet is simply the most valuable answer based on the search. This is determined by Google’s bots, who scan websites every day and score them based on certain criteria and algorithms. The best way to ensure you’re showing up for featured snippet is to create content that is relevant, well written and optimized for search engines. This means creating new content that is related to common search terms or questions that you want to show up for in Google results. Creating SEO content for your business can be complicated, but you can find more information on it here

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