How To Get Your MedSpa Website Higher On Google

Medical spas rely on a steady flow of new clients every month. With many non-surgical procedures boasting that their effects last for months to years after treatment, it can be difficult to rely purely on returning visitors. On top of that, the medspa industry is extremely competitive. With so many businesses offering the same products, it can be difficult to get ahead and stay there. This is why Boston Web Marketing helps many medspas build and maintain their digital presence.

SEO Strategies for MedSpas

When we work with a new company our work can be divided into three main categories; digital strategies every business should employ, strategies specific for your industry, and strategies specific to your website. This article will focus on the second category. To learn more about general SEO strategies please visit some of our posts on evergreen SEO solutions:

For more information on what will specifically work for your website and practice, please contact us for a free website audit. During an audit, our team of SEO experts will look through your website and identify specific areas that could be improved to help increase how you rank on Google.

How To Share A MedSpa Special

One tried and true method for gaining business is running a special. But with so much communication online it can feel impossible to get heard. This is why it is important to diversify the channels you use to communicate. Any marketing professional will tell you the key to a campaign is brand consistency on multiple channels. What this means for your practice is developing messaging that can be featured on your website, on social media, in newsletters, and at the office, all at once.

  • Website: When running any promotion, you should have two website goals. First, put any short-term specials on the homepage. A pop-up is effective when done right, but a simple slider or element on your homepage is also effective. When users land on your website the first things they should be seeing are what you do, where you are, and what you are offering. The second goal is to have a page on your website for any long-term specials. Refer-a-friend programs can sit here as well as information about rewards programs like Allē Rewards from Allergan.
  • Social Media: All medspas should have an Instagram account. As a medspa your content is mainly visual, so an account that allows you to share before and afters is ideal. Additionally, social media is the perfect place to get your services in front of new faces. Working with influencers, running social media exclusive sweepstakes, and sharing content can all help you gain new followers. And then, when you have a new monthly special you can spread the word. Additionally boosting posts on Facebook or Instagram can help you spread the news about a new special or treatment you offer.
  • Newsletters: An email newsletter is a great way to reconnect with old clients. The best ways to grow this list are by asking to enroll any clients that visit your location, and by providing enrollment forms on your website. Consider gathering emails during a special, or running a newsletter exclusive special. Having a well-organized, segmented newsletter list is a great way to announce new important specials and treatments.
  • Google: Google offers many tools for broadcasting messages. On Google My Business you can make posts about specials, news, and more that can pop up whenever your business is displayed on Google or Google Maps. Google Ads are also an effective way to share news about specials and treatments to a targeted audience.

Keyword Planning For MedSpas

When Google and Bing scan websites they look for keywords. Their goal is to match relevant content to the searches performed on their websites. Search engines scan through metadata throughout pages to find these keywords. Your goal should be to rank for not just the procedures and treatments you provide, but also for the aesthetic problems you help solve. Of course, you want to rank for obvious searches like “med spa near me”. But you should also dedicate content to specific searches like “de-aging procedures,” or “treatments for wrinkles”. Many of your clients might not know the brand names of all of your products and treatments, so it is important to focus on household names and information. “Collagen treatments” or “micro-needling procedures” have higher search volumes than the specific brand names of these products.

Link Building & MedSpa Directories

Whenever you do a Google search, you will likely see directories on the results page. Some of the most popular directories include Yelp and Mapquest. But there are also directories specifically for finding aesthetic industry professionals. RealSelf for example works with medspas and plastic surgeons. These websites are goliaths and have strong SEO. It is rare to see a search engine results page that doesn’t have at least one of these on them. Your goal is to get inbound links on these websites. Most sites allow you to build out listings for free. Many also offer paid ad services, however, if you are looking to spend money on leads, it makes more sense to go with Google Ads. Google has the largest audience and offers the most versatility in ad planning. A user’s journey usually goes computer > website browser > search engine > website or directory. Running ads on a directory like Yelp means missing users who went to a different website or directory. Aside from Google, social media is also valuable for paid media, since many of your potential clients are visiting social sites daily.

Integrating With Branded Websites

As a MedSpa you likely work with a variety of equipment and product providers. One of the most common of course is Allergan. Allergan provides Botox Cosmetic, CoolSculpting, and the suite of Juvederm fillers. Many of these companies provide assets, information, videos, and images, that you can use for your website. Here are a few do’s and don’t’s when working with these companies:

  • Outbound Links: An outbound link is a link that sends people to another website. Providing outbound links can boost SEO and help your clients sign up for rewards programs like Allē. Make sure these links are designed to open in a new tab. This way you get the benefit of helping your clients learn more about these companies without making clients leave your site.
  • Content: Many of these websites provide great content. You can use it for reference, but do not copy it verbatim. Copied content rarely ranks on Google and can actually cause penalties. Instead, you can use their content to help write your own as well as research keywords that they have identified as valuable.
  • Images & Videos: Like with written content, you want to be careful with how you use branded images and videos. First, you always want to make sure any images or videos on your website are legally available for you. Many brands provide bandboxes to their clients which allow users to legally download assets for their practices. When linking videos it is important to use the original file. If you have questions about this, you should ask your rep for guidance.

Contact Boston Web Marketing For Medspa SEO Strategies

If you would like help to develop a unique and effective strategy for your medspa or aesthetic services practice, we would be happy to work with you. Contact us today for a free website audit and a quote on SEO services.

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