How to Get Valuable Insights from Google Analytics Data?

Your Google Analytics account has untapped potential. Not only do you get a fuller picture of what your users are looking at, but you can use the metrics to gain more insights on what is working in terms of SEO. From general insights to specific audience interaction, you can use several tools readily available in Google Analytics to improve your SEO for the results you want.

Create Custom Segments to Learn Your Audience

Trying to develop a more thorough picture of your audience? Create a custom segment! Segmenting your audience allows you to view data from nearly any metric. These include time spent on site, where they are located and the steps taken before a conversion.  You’ll also be able to see a breakdown by gender and age range within these reports.

Are Your Users Coming from Mobile?

Mobile traffic is constantly growing, but how does your mobile engagement look? Creating a segment and watching your bounce rate will help you make sure your site is consistently optimized for mobile viewing and converting. A segment will allow you to view the mobile conversions separately, based on the individual pages. Your bounce rate can be extremely telling when it comes to your site’s user experience. If your mobile bounce rate is significantly higher than your desktop rate, you may need to make more mobile-friendly changes.

Where Are Your Conversions Coming From?

Sure, you can track your conversions in Analytics, but do you know where they’re coming from? By checking the Landing Pages report under the Behavior tab, you’ll be able to see what pages are converting and which pages can be further optimized for all users. Landing pages will be able to show you upward trends and declines, as well as whether or not they are confined to one page or are affecting the entire site.

Chances are, you are not currently utilizing your Analytics account to its full potential. However, once you do some digging and determine which metrics are the most important to you, you will be able to use it in your SEO going forward.

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