How to get the most out of your company blog

Blogging is a very important strategy for companies working to improve their site’s SEO. Blogs serve as quality landing pages for your site. They show Google that your site is active, you have fresh content, and you’re a thought leader on the topic you are writing on.

  1. Make sure your content is relevant and original. Quite simply, your blogs need to be unique to your site. You can cover topics that other sites have written about, but try to add something new and write it originally.
  2. Share your blogs on social media. At the very least, you should share your blogs on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter. You want people to see and interact with the content you are creating.
  3. Email blasts should include links to your blogs. Not all companies have found that emails and newsletters are effective for them, but if you are already sending a newsletter you should link your blogs within the emails.
  4. Break down your content. Blogs should not be too long. If you are working on a blog post and find yourself branching out into a different topic, consider breaking the post into two posts. It is best to keep your message focused to one topic.

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