How to Get More Shares and Why They’re Important

Posting statuses and content that meets the interest of your targeted audience is a goal everyone should strive to achieve during their social media strategy; you want to post something so interesting that they hit the share or Retweet button right away. That’s all well in good, but how do you get your content to be shared by customers?

Why Shares are Important

When something is shared, it means the content sparked an interest in a third party, and he or she transmitted that content from your page to their personal page; when people share content on their personal page, their friends can see the post, and maybe that will spark their interest and lead to a conversion.

The more statuses that are shared from your Facebook, or Tweets that are Retweeted, increases the amount of people exposed to your content, which can lead to more traffic to your social media page and your site; more traffic to your social media page and site, can lead to higher conversion rates.

Also, whenever a link to your site is shared on a social media site, Google takes notice, and trust us this is a good thing. Google and search engines will give more importance and a higher rank to links that have over 100 shares, especially within a quick period of time.

How to Get your Content Shared

Be sure to have a creative title that will attract and spark an interest in your targeted audience; make sure it is different from the rest of your status updates or tweets. One trend that has really seems to be working well includes updates with a numeric list…”The Top 5…” this can really help draw people in.

Make sure you’re not repeating yourself, or duplicating tweets and statuses; try to make each update as unique and original as possible. People aren’t going to return to a page that has the same updates over and over again, nor will they share these updates.

Know your audience; this is probably the most important thing to keep in mind when striving to create shareable updates. You sometimes may even want to get very specific: (“Middle Aged Divorced Men”). You will most likely be focusing on a broader audience, however, once you find that little niche within your audience, you will begin to focus more on posting content that interests them.

Finally, have something that is visually pleasing; along with the content include a picture, or maybe a video.

Of course, results will not happen overnight, and sometimes the results will be hard to measure. But taking out the time to create strong content that is well thought out and enticing, can help to contribute success long-term.

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