How to Get More Reviews for Your Small Business

Getting customers to review your business on listing websites can be extremely beneficial to your business. Not only do potential customers rely on previous customers’ advice but Google also recognizes the number of reviews you have and will boost your rankings accordingly. Growing a business is not possible without trust from your customers, so the more quality reviews, the more your business will boom. Here are some tips on how you can get more customers to write reviews about your business online! 

Make It as Easy as Possible

The harder you make it for customers to leave a review, the less likely they will be to do so. To maximize the feedback you receive, lead the customers right to the webpage they need. 

Add Links to Your Website

Consider adding links to various pages on your website so visitors can easily click and be brought right to Google or Yelp to review your business. Place these links all over your website, however, add the links in different forms and make sure they are not in places that will continuously be annoying to your website visitor. What we mean by different forms is place the link within text, add buttons, add Google or Yelp logos, etc. Basically, disguise the links in different ways to make it seem like you are not asking so many times. If you were to only add the links as buttons, for example, your website would be full of “leave a review” buttons and your visitors might get tired of seeing them.

Send Newsletters

Acquiring contact information from your customers can be valuable to you in the future and this is a perfect example. Sending a newsletter with a simple link to review your business is a quick and simple way to get more reviews for your business from recent customers. If your customer ordered something from you, you should also send out an email once they received their order asking them to leave a review for that product. Once people get the product they ordered it’s not likely that they’ll run to the computer to review it, you have to take the initiative and ask. 

Communicate with Customers 

While you are working with a customer, consider speaking to them about leaving you a review and briefly explain how it can help your business. This type of communication can make a customer much more likely to take time out of their day for you. Even more, you can bring a laptop or mobile device to your final meeting with the customer and ask them to write a review at the completion of the job.

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