How to Get More Engagement on Facebook Live

Optimizing Facebook Live Feature

Last year, Facebook introduced the new feature that allows users to share live streaming videos. Through Facebook Mentions, the app makes it easier for businesses and public figures to communicate with their audience. This is a great opportunity for business owners to allow users an inside look at their business and also promote their products or services. Even after users are finished with the live broadcast, users will still be able to watch it later!

Here are a few tips on how to get the most of Facebook Live:

  • When starting your Facebook Live video, you should start by telling everyone what they will be expecting during the video. Be engaging by asking how’s everyone doing and being friendly!
  • Throughout your Facebook video, make sure you ask questions or you could even do an open Q&A towards the end of your video.  It’s important to take advantage of live interaction in real-time.
  • Your viewers will be more likely to watch your Facebook Live video if you give shoutouts using their names. People will like attention so they will be paying more attention if you acknowledge them. 
  • Besides acknowledging users throughout the video, you should also be active in the comment section below. It’s important to respond in the comments section in order keep up the conversation.

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