How to Get Local Reviews and Ratings

One of the main goals as a local business owner is to get as many reviews from you customers as you can. Having good ratings and reviews will help Google value your business in their search results, which contributes to better rankings to your site.

Let’s take a deeper look into the local reviews and why you should try to ask your customers for one.

A couple of key points on reviews:

-Ratings and reviews must come directly from the users.

-Do not take or copy reviews from any review site such as Yelp. However, you may collect them and add them directly to your website.

Asking your customers for a review in person

It sounds pretty simple but it will be valuable to your business. Yelp may advise against this, but Google helps promote it. It may sound a bit odd at first to ask your customers for a review but would you not want your happy customers to praise your hard work? If you believe in your business and feel you deserve all the gratitude for your service, product or from your friendly staff, they would be more than happy to leave a review for you.

In addition, feel free to ask your customers to leave a review on your website. For example, if a customer purchases an item through your site, ask them to leave a review about their shopping experience. By leaving a review will help give that local rating that you have been seeking for.

Social Media

Why stop there? There are other ways you to promote your business. Social media like Twitter can help gain your local business! Twitter has its own separate ‘community’ where you will find people from the local town interacting with one another. If you provide great service to one, we’re sure they would be keen to share their opinion with others.

Facebook is another awesome opportunity for any local business to get reviews. Don’t underestimate how many people search for your business on Facebook. Like we mentioned earlier, leave any other review site and keep all your reviews separate.

Welcome Negative reviews

Let’s be honest, seeing that negative review can be hard to accept, but it is also another great opportunity to go above and beyond and respond to the negative review. Find ways on how to fix the issue and even ask them again how their experience was. This will show others how much you care about customer service and a chance for them to see what you have done to turn that unhappy customer into a satisfied customer.

It’s your responsibility to make your customers satisfied, once you do that, reviews will quickly follow. If you need a consultation about your business. Please get in contact with us on 857.526.0096 and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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