How To Get Google To Index Your Website Content

When Google “indexes” website content, it gives the content an opportunity to rank on specific search results. When content is not indexed by Google, it will have no chance of ranking on Google search results. In this blog, we will explain how to check if Google indexes your website content and what to do if it does not.

1. Check the URL on Google Search Console

Nobody wants their hard work to go to waste, so the first thing you should do a few days after you publish a piece of website content is to check its index status on Google Search Console. Google Search Console is free to use and can immediately tell you if your content has been indexed by Google just by submitting the URL. If Google Search Console indicates your content is not indexed, you can always request indexing via Google Search Console, but doing that does not guarantee your content will be indexed.

2. Write Content That is Valuable for Users

In the past, Google has admitted it values content that is written well for users. With that in mind, always try to write content that provides good value to users. While a strong word count is important, focusing on providing insight users want can do more good than being too wordy. Sometimes less is more.

3. Optimize Page Loading Speeds

If you believe your content is written well for users and has a notable word count but still is not being indexed by Google properly, slow page loading speeds could be what is holding it back. Check your page speed insights frequently and always look for ways to speed up your website.

4. Your Website Lacks a Sitemap

Last but certainly not least, a website lacking a sitemap could lead to indexing issues. Sitemaps provide a roadmap to indicate to Google what type of content exists on your website. Having a sitemap in place will make it easier for Google to understand and index your content.

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