How to Get Featured Snippet Rankings with Zero Link Building

When it comes to being successful in the SEO world in 2019, you have probably seen a lot of talk about featured snippets. Featured snippets, also known as position zero, appear for particular searches where answers to a question appear. This feature is supposed to give searchers an instant gratification to their questions so they get an answer right away. Writing content that is geared towards appearing as a featured snippet is a great way to increase traffic to a specific page on your website and increase the overall traffic going to your website. This is because the answers people are looking for appear right there and they can click on the snippet to go to your site. There have been some businesses that thing these snippets take away from website traffic since the answer is right there and viewers don’t have to click on the site to learn more. If you are thinking of using a featured snippet as a traffic increaser for your site, then here are some tips on how to rank a page on Google’s featured snippet without building any links to that page.

The Types of Featured Snippets

Depending on how you are searching on the web, you may have come across different forms of featured snippets. If you are trying to craft content geared towards featured snippets then you should know the different types. There are three major types of featured snippets you can go for. These include:

  • Paragraph Snippets
  • List Snippets (bulleted and numbered)
  • Table Snippets

As for how much of the total amount of snippets on the web, 81.95% of them are in paragraph form, 10.77% are in the form of lists, and 7.28% are table snippets.

Targeting the Right Keywords

Once you figure out the type of snippet you want to rank for, you will need to do a deep dive into keyword research. Find keywords that will suit your blog while also matching the requirements for the type of snippet you are trying to show up for. Paragraph snippets take up most of the snippets on Google because they are geared towards answering question type searches. With voice search becoming more and more of a popular means of searching on the web, question type queries have been on the rise. This gives webmasters an opportunity to get more traffic to their site than by ranking for these types of searches with paragraph snippet. When doing keyword research for this snippet look for keywords that are primarily related to “how-to” and “who/what/why.”

If you think your content is better suited for a numeric list snippet (numbered or bullet points), you will need to structure your page’s content in a certain way. The ideal way is to structure your content so that it offers step by step guides on a topic. A numeric list shows as a snippet when a keyword tells Google that the searcher is looking for a list so do your keyword research accordingly.

For table snippets, you will need to have structured schema data on your website that compares at least two different data sets on the same page. As long as the comparison schema markup is on the page you do not have to have your content be in column-based tables.

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