How to Force AdWords to the Top of ‘Page One’ Search Results

Often times clients will ask why their ads aren’t showing up on the top of the Google search results. This is due to budget constraints or the AdWords algorithm spacing your budget throughout the day. Here is a great way to raise your bids to the top. However, this method may exhaust your budget rapidly, and is not recommended for everyone.

  1. Login into the AdWords Dashboard
  2. On the Left side at the bottom of the page click “Shared Library”
  3. Click View>> under “Bid Strategies”
  4. Click the Red “Bid Strategy” button
  5. Select “Target Search Page Location”
  6. Name the Bid, ex. Top of Page
  7. Under Location, select “Top of the first search results page”
  8. In Bid Automation, select “Automatically raise and lower bids to match the estimated top of page bid”
  9. Click “Save”
  10. Go back to All Online Campaigns
  11. Select “Campaign”
  12. Click “Settings”
  13. Go to Bid Strategy > Edit > Select a flexible bid strategy
  14. Choose bid strategy that was just created
  15. You’re ready to go!

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