How To Fix Broken Links

There’s nothing more frustrating than encountering a broken link or a “404 error page” when visiting a website. Especially with a purpose like Shopping. Not only will users leave your site but it can hurt your SEO efforts as well. If you have broken links on your website, there’s a high chance the visitor wouldn’t want to continue to explore the other pages, they would most likely leave and look elsewhere.

There are 2 types of broken links that can be found on your website:

1. Internal Links

Internal links point you from one link to another internal page. Having internal links will organize the content of your site and benefit visitors finding information quicker, this will help search engine spiders discover and archive as many relevant pages as they can on one visit.

2. External Links

The external link is a link that points you to an external domain. How is this important? Well, let’s say you are using a link on your website directing to another domain, and a few months later the owner of that particular website decided to take it down. So now, when Google spider crawls on your website it will encounter a dead end. If not checked properly, your website’s value will decrease and it could effectively damage all your SEO efforts and harm your business.

We highly recommend not leaving any broken links on your site, not only for the users but search engine disapproves broken links also. To fix the issue go to, and enter your website. This is a free tool that scans and alerts you which of your hyperlinks are broken not only that but also show you where exactly the dead links are in your website and you can immediately.

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