How To Find Out What Your Most Popular Webpages Are

Google Analytics is a topic we have covered greatly in the Boston Web Marketing blog. One of the most powerful (and free) tools used by digital marketers to track website performance, measure goals, and use as a baseline for progress in marketing campaigns is Google Analytics. If there was a “digital marketing 101” class, the use of Google Analytics would certainly be on the syllabus.

When you are creating new content for websites for clients or internal stakeholders there is no question that eventually someone will ask, “How Are These Pages Doing?” It’s a fair question to be asked. But no worries, you can use Google Analytics to show how well your web pages are doing on a website.

Using Google Analytics to Learn About Your Webpages

Assuming you’ve already set up Google Analytics on your website and it has been tracking traffic correctly for some time, you can provide a lot of data to analyze in a few clicks. Every web page on your website should have a purpose. That purpose could be to convert a user into a lead, inform a user on your products or services, or many other reasons. You can tell how well your pages are doing based off of various metrics by using the “Behavior” function of Google Analytics.

On the left-hand bar of Google Analytics select “Behavior” > “Site Content” >  “All Pages”. You can start to view your web pages based on performance metrics. Here are some of the metrics you can look at:

Entrances: The number of times users enter your website via a certain web page.

Average Time on Page: The amount of time a user will spend on your particular page per visit. If this number is extremely low, you can have room for improvement in terms of the content on your page.

Bounce Rate: The percentage of people who will not visit another page after landing on the particular webpage. Depending on the purpose of the page and the industry you are in, this number can reflect a poor or positive webpage.

You can also use this function of Google Analytics to compare the same webpage’s performance year-over-year or month-over-month to give you greater insight.

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