How to Find New Content Ideas

Content is one of the fundamental factors of SEO. Credible information about your services or products can boostcontent management your brand’s authority and improve your ranking in search results. Although providing valuable information through content is essential to SEO, it can be challenging to develop new ideas consistently. If you are experiencing writer’s block and can’t come up with fresh content, continue reading for tips to help you!

Analyze Your Existing Content

A great way to mine for content is to analyze what you already have. Use Google Analytics to see which pieces of content are doing well and which aren’t. Google Analytics will show you the amount of organic traffic, sessions, and conversions each piece of content gains. Look for underperforming blogs, service area pages, and more; you can see why they aren’t performing well and work to improve them. Improvements can involve adding more relevant keywords, fixing thin content, creating stronger CTAs, and more. 

While looking for underperforming content, look for successful ones as well. Understanding which content is successful and why can help us write similar content or structure other content in the same way. 

Use Google Search Console 

One of the major uses of content is to tackle search queries from potential customers. A great tool to use is Google Search Console. Google Search Console gives you a general idea of which searches and keywords your website is showing up for. The tool shows your average position with each query, along with your average click-through rate compared to impressions. With GSC, you can utilize the custom regex filter “^(^(who|what|where|why|how)[” “])” to narrow your search and find your business’s top search queries. With these results, you can generate content ideas targeting search queries relevant to your business. For example, if you find a couple of search queries with a low click-through rate, you can create content surrounding that topic, such as blog posts, service pages, landing pages, and more.

Let Boston Web Marketing Help You With Content

Still trying to generate content for your business? Let Boston Web Marketing help you! Our SEO Specialists will develop a content strategy personalized to your brand that is sure to drive results. Contact us today to get started on content development and other optimizing efforts.

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