How To Find Free High-Quality Images

Every digital marketer understands the consequences of using photos and pictures online without asking for permission from copyright holders. Let’s admit it: We all hate dealing with restrictions and all the legal stuff when writing and publishing contents. Though, you will hate it even more when you carelessly use copyrighted photos and pictures and receive an email saying that you are being sued.
At the same time, not every digital marketer has the time and effort to create their own content from scratch. There are three websites that I actively use for free stocking photos. All the pictures from these sites are copyright-free and could be used for any purpose.

1. Pixabay

Among these three websites, Pixabay is my favorite. They have a huge selection of free stock photos and you could download the pictures in different sizes, too.
Again, there is no copyright license and requirement to use any of the pictures. There are more than a million images. Go to town!

2. Unsplash

Now, Pixabay is usually the first site I visit when I need a stock picture. However, sometimes I couldn’t find exactly what I want on Pixabay. In this case, Unsplash is another option that I could turn to. Even though their collection is not as large, their copyright free contents are great alternatives.

3. StockApp

The third site I want to introduce today is StockApp. Similar to Pixabay and Unsplash, you are not restricted to use any of the images. It’s always nice to give credit to the author though!



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