How to Expand Your Search Presence by Using External Sites

There are many aspects that are factored into your search results. Search engine optimization and your search results go far beyond just your company’s website. Optimizing content on external web properties is also important to help boost your organic search results as well as your overall web presence.

Your brand can appear in search in more than one way, so don’t limit your exposure by failing to optimize beyond your website. It is possible to dominate the first page of results but is nearly impossible to do so with your website alone. If you are only optimizing your website this leaves you vulnerable to negative content rank for your brand name. Help protect your brands presence by optimizing external sites and dominating the first place. Start by creating and claiming profiles on all social sites. Every site is a little different – Here are a few ways to help optimize your brand across external sites.

One of the biggest opportunities to optimize for SEO is using Pinterest boards. You can optimize Pinterest boards by using your brand name in the title name, username,  and description. You can also create brand-related boards that showcase your products and mission statement. Optimizing Pinterest board will not only help you rank quicker for your brand name but also for key terms.

You can follow these steps to optimize your Pinterest boards:

  • Create boards for a topic or keyword you would like to rank for
  • Make sure to use target keywords in the board name as they will become the H1 tag and part of the URL
  • Write a description of the board that includes targeted keywords
  • Edit description of the pins includes targeted keywords
  • Use anchor text to link back to your Pinterest boards from related pages on your site including blog posts

Another way to optimize with external sites is to create a YouTube channel. YouTube is arguably the second largest search engine on the web and by optimizing your videos you can not only increase your YouTube ranking,  but also help your videos appear in organic results.

  • Add videos to your channel with a description including targeted keywords
  • Optimize your title for targeted keywords
  • Group videos into related playlists
  • Use anchor text to link videos from your site

Reviews and listings are very important when it comes to SEO. These sites are a great way to optimize your brand using external sites. These review sites are highly authoritative which are well established and rank highly in search results. Take advantage of these opportunities as a way to build a positive online reputation. Help drive customers to these review sites and encourage them to review your businesses by linking your profiles from your website. The more content on your page the better chance you have of ranking.

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