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How To Expand The Reach of your Facebook Post With your Clients

If you are like most service-based businesses, you are probably posting pictures of your past jobs on Facebook to showcase your work. If you have a large network of people following your business page, you are probably getting plenty of “likes” and “shares,” but if you are just beginning your social media campaign you are probably not getting the exposure you want. One of the greatest resources you should be utilizing is your customer’s social network. Your customers are mostly like on Facebook, so you should consider their network of friends and family as potential customers for your business.

Whether you’re implementing traditional marketing tactics or trying out digital marketing tactics for the first time,  being able to create buzz from your clients is important, especially if you are a service-based business. A lot of new business can be generated from word-of-mouth and if you are just uploading your job photos to your Facebook page you are doing the bare minimum. The first thing to remember is to ask your customer for permission to post photos of your job beforehand.  Once you have the photos from your job you want to make sure that you write captions for each of the photos that you upload. Once you are ready to upload your photos, take the time to write out a small email to your client informing them that their photos have been posted. You should also make sure to add a link to your Facebook page in the email as well as thanking your customer for their business.

Once you have sent your email and posted up your photos, you can kick back and watch your client market your business for you. If you are a business to business service then it is best practice to tag your client’s business on your posting. You will be surprised by the amount of engagement that you can get from a simple email reminder.

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