How to Evaluate the SEO Value of a Piece of Content: Part 2

In part 1 of How to Evaluate the SEO Value of a Piece of Content, we discussed some important aspects that need to be included in the content to raise its SEO value. Now, let’s look at the rest of the aspects you need to include in your content to make sure you’re continuing to include everything you need to make your piece of content rank the highest it can.

Building Links

Inbound and navigational links are important to include in all your pieces of content. Yet, the amount of links you include is not as important as the quality of these links. Link words in the body of your content to other websites that can be relevant for the reader and the content. You can also link words to other pages on your website so that it improves indexing of content and points Google as well as your readers to other relevant and important pages on your own website.

Content Length

There is no specific content length that one has to hit in order to rank on the search engines. What you should be paying attention to is the quality of the content and what length your readers want. More content is not always better because search engines don’t want fluffed up and extra content if it’s not needed. Pay attention to the story of your content and if it’s engaging enough for your audience to want to share it.


You must make sure that all your spelling and grammar is correct within your content. Search engines will not rank you as high if you have mistakes like these on your website. Aside from your content not ranking as high, spelling and grammar errors can also hurt your business’s credibility.

Visual Appeal

Content that includes images is always more appealing than content with just text. Stock photos are fine to include but original images are best since they are more likely to be personalized to the content. You can optimize images by adding alt text, title text, and captions. Google relies on these to understand what the images include since they cannot see the images the same way we do. Videos are also a great addition to your content if its relevant to the topic of the content and to the readers.


Sharing your content on social media channels is a great way to get a wider audience to your website and to your content. If your content is valuable to readers, they will most likely share it as well on their social sites, once again bringing a wider audience to your site.

Measuring the SEO Value

You can analyze how successful your content is for SEO in many different ways. On Google Analytics you can see how much organic traffic you are getting to your website and you can also track how many leads and conversions your business is getting. Social engagement including retweets, likes, shares, etc. will also help you measure the value of your content. Other things such as sales, impressions, new subscribers, and onsite engagement can also give you an idea of how your content and website is ranking.

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