How to Erase Your Stalking Activities on Facebook

Okay, so some people can get a little carried away checking up on other people like employees, exes, and business competitors online. While technically only you have access to your search history, leave your page up and unsecured and the info is fair game. Here is how your erase the history of your inquisitive past:

1) On your Facebook Page, go to your profile
2) Click on the “Activity Log” in the lower right corner of your cover photograph
3) When your Activity Log appears, you want to look part way down the options and select “more” after where you see the selections for Photos, Likes and Comments
4) In the longer menu, look down until you see “Search” and click there
5) The center column will populate with everything and everyone you searched for
6) In the upper right corner above the search listings you will see “Clear Searches,” click that and your search history will be as clean as your conscience!

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