How to Entice Customers Into Reviewing Your Services

For business owners, it often feels as if Yelp, Google Reviews and Facebook Reviews only attract disgruntled customers. This leads to a number of one-star reviews that decrease the average rating of businesses. It can be tough dealing with these unruly customers, especially if their justification is irrational. Sometimes, you can flag the review if the reviewer is breaking the rules of the site, but most times, it’s best to just apologize, regardless of whether or not they’re in the right.

If your business has recently received a flurry of negative reviews, you should take measures to increase the number of reviews for your business. While you can always ask your customers to write a review after you’ve provided them with a service, many times customers will simply forget. Another approach is to use social media as a way to entice your customers into leaving reviews.

People love to receive attention on social media. A good way to take advantage of this is to take a screenshot of positive reviews and post them on social media. Then, make sure to acknowledge the reviewer and thank them. People who see this will then feel encouraged to leave reviews as well. This will also help spread awareness for your brand while simulataneously promoting a positive reflection of your business.

You may also use your website to encourage customers to leave reviews. Testimonials are always a good way to attract customers, as they’ll see how real-life customers had positive experiences. Collecting social media reviews is an easy way to build up a testimonials page, as all you’ll need to do is screenshot five-star reviews and then post them into a photo album, which can be added as a plug-in.

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