How to Engage Your Followers Using Twitter Poll

It was only a year ago Twitter released an option for people to create a poll in their status. It has been a popular tool to use for people and business to engage with their followers to enhance their social media presence.

Let’s start with how to create a poll on Twitter:

1. Compose a new tweet

2. Click Add Poll button in the box

3. Create a question, fill in options, and choose length of poll


4. Click Tweet and watch the results

It is in fact very easy to create one. After learning how to create one, we should look at how you can use them to engage your followers on Twitters and evaluate how successful is your business. However, there are times that a poll would be used instead of writing a simple tweet.

Here are some poll examples that you can use instead of a simple tweet:

  • “Is November the best month???” These types of polls might not bring you any feedback on how your business is doing, however, it is pairing their tweet with seasonal events.
  • “In honor of #NationalSafetyDay”, when was the last time you performed an inspection on your garage door? This poll used a holiday-inspired theme to remind their customer it’s time to do an inspection on their garage door.
  • “A wild squirrel appears!” A tweet posted by an animal removal company with options such as call us, save it as a pet, contact your friends for help, run away.

Polls are a great tool on Twitter to engage your followers. Just keep in mind that, timing and tone (i.e. don’t be too serious) are very important for the poll.


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