How to Effectively Use Periscope Videos with Twitter Timeline

Ever since the release of Periscope in March of last year, the video-streaming app acquired by Twitter has an estimate of over 10 million accounts and users. Most recently, it seems that Twitter has been in full force trying to reinvent the way users use their Twitter companion apps such as Vine and Periscope. Twitters latest attempt to bolster interest in their social media apps comes in the form of Periscope auto-playing videos being implemented into the Twitter timeline.

As of last week, Periscope videos can be embedded in tweets and played right within the timeline of twitters iOS App. Just like the functionality of Periscope, videos embedded within tweets can be viewed 24 hours after the initial broadcast.

Implementing Periscope video broadcasts will allow users to share their broadcast with more people, allowing more eyes to view their Periscope content and potentially drive more people to use the Periscope app.

For those who are interested in using Periscope as a tool for their online marketing campaign, this new update to Twitter will allow users to share the content created on Periscope to all of their followers. Even if their followers are not Periscope users, the content will now be viewable to your audience regardless. If growing a Periscope following is something that is of interest, this new update can help you grow your Periscope following by using your existing twitter followers as an initial viewership audience.

We are unsure if this new update will provide any benefit to Twitter itself or if the presence of Periscope videos in user timelines will turn away users who are scrolling down their timeline. But, ever since the launch of Periscope, the video sharing app has gotten rave reviews and has even been by Apple as it’s “App of the Year” and amassing over 100 million live broadcasts.


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