How to Effectively Use an SEO Landing Page

When a business rolls out a new product or service or decides on an important new goal, they often turn to landing pages to help them launch and reach their market. Of course, one of the most cost effective ways to do so is to get this page found on Google, which brings us to the topic of SEO.

What are SEO Landing Pages?

An SEO landing page is just like any other landing page, it presents highly targeted information to the user and has one specific goal that we use to measure its success. However, an SEO landing page has elements of it that are highly customized to maximize SEO.

Use Collapsible Content

One of the best strategies for landing pages is to use collapsible content. While search engines tend to reward a higher word count, the purpose of a landing page is to be highly targeted- meaning short and sweet. Collapsible content allows you to maximize the user experience and SEO at the same time. Just set up your page so that headings are clickable and release more information once selected and you’re good to go, you’ve got the best of both worlds.

Use a Custom URL

Make sure to make your URL as simple, memorable, and relevant to your new product or service, for example, While some might suggest using a subdomain, such as, doing so actually inhibits your success by circumventing the foundational SEO you’ve already done for your main site. The process of building a subdomain can also be more complicated and time consuming.

Select Your Target Keywords

Only you truly know your target audience, and this knowledge will serve you well when selecting which keywords you should use. Make sure to have a range of specificity within your keywords. If your service is highly local, this is the time to dial in on that.

Strategically Include Your Keywords

As we mentioned earlier, the overall content of your page should be shorter than average, so you’ll have to be strategic about where you include your keywords. Page title and meta description are a good place to start, but make sure to also include them in your headings, image file names & alt text, as well as the copy of your collapsible content.

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