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How to Effectively Optimize Blog Content

Writing blogs for your website is nothing new to most.  Blogs have been around for quite a long time in hopes that consumers enjoy the blog and share with friends, who are other potential consumers.  It is always a good thing to have fresh, new content added to your site regularly, but these days, blogs require a little more thought and tactic. It is important to incorporate your SEO practices into your blog posts, and we are here to share ways to do so!

Content Based on Keywords

Rather than simply writing content based on what you believe people will be interested in, but a little more research into blog topics. The best way to come up with topics for your blogs is to base them on keyword research. Dig into what your consumers are looking up and looking for, and run with it. Whether you have keywords that are working for you already or you want to change it up, it is the best way to create content for SEO purposes. This drastically increases your chances of being found for searches, and will ultimately gain you more clicks.

Effective Title

After conducting your keyword research and determining which to use, keep using them to your advantage! Use the keyword you are hoping to be found for in your blog title. Not only is it the first thing the reader sees, but it is the first component for search engines to determine the relevancy of the content.

Internal Linking

Internal linking is the perfect way to send consumers to previous similar blog posts and other relevant pages of your website. This causes the consumer to stay on your website longer and navigate to other pages. Internal linking also creates a contextual relationship between the pages on your site for the reader.

Unique Content

The golden rule of blog writing is making absolutely sure that the content is unique to that post. You cannot copy any words from someone else or even from another page on your website. Every single word must be unique to that one post. There are algorithms in place that will punish you for having any copied content on your blog pages, causing your rank to drop.

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